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Guilty of neglecting your website? How to keep your website content fresh.

By May 4, 2016 No Comments

A lot of businesses are happy to invest in a great looking website, but what many don’t value highly enough is the commitment required after launch to keep website content updated. A neglected website can damage your brand. There is nothing worse than checking out a company only to realise they haven’t blogged, written a case study or shared to social media for years. The truth is you were probably too busy, but a visitor to your website can perceive the lack of recent information as the opposite! They may think you’re lazy and unprofessional, costing you potential business.


So we can plan to give your website the ongoing attention it deserves, it’s important to understand why we haven’t been giving it enough attention. When we get to work, there are usually a bunch of tasks on our to-do-list. Eisenhower’s Urgent/Important decision matrix is often how we decide what we are going to focus on.


Urgent/important tasks – These are the tasks you have to drop everything to do, they are often critical project tasks against a important deadline or milestone.


Non-urgent/Important tasks – These are the tasks that aren’t deadline driven but are important in fulfilling our long-term goals like developing a business strategy, business development, research and of course proactive marketing to generate new business which includes keeping your website up to date.


Non-important/Urgent tasks – These are the tasks that are driven by deadlines but aren’t important.  It can include attending certain meetings, answering certain emails, booking flights and other administrative duties. Often these urgent/non-important tasks can be delegated to somebody else.


Not Important/Not Urgent – These are the tasks you shouldn’t be devoting any of your time to. Unnecessarily ‘gold-plating’ a project task, reading your junk emails, reading irrelevent material online.


Unfortunately many of us get it wrong. Once we’ve cleared the urgent/important tasks, we continue our reactive tailspin and start working on tasks that are deadline driven but not important. Often urgent tasks are important in fulfilling our short-term goals, but do nothing to fulfil our long-term goals.


Important non-urgent tasks are the tasks that fulfil our long-term goals and they deserve your attention. Highly successful global companies like Google have recognised this, implementing policies like a 20% time commitment for all staff to focus on innovation, research and development.


Your website is the face of your business and often the first point of call for prospective clients, so keeping it fresh should definitely fit in this category. First of all, make it easy to keep content flowing by creating a blog and setting up some social media accounts.

One of the most effective ways to give your website the attention it deserves is to make people in your organisation responsible for marketing commit to a content release schedule. It could be as simple as this example below.






Eg. Check company social media. Do at least 1 retweet/share of a relevant article. (5 minutes)



Eg. Write a social media post, updating your followers on a project or product advancement. (10 minutes)


Eg. Write a blog post. (1 hour)


Eg.Update case studies or write a detailed blog post/major research piece. (4 hours)


Recap of the year, outlook for next annum (4 hours)


It’s also important to make the commitment visible to your team, so having it displayed on a whiteboard or printed out in front of their desks as a reminder is a good way to help follow-through.As well as improving your perception, having recent content flowing is also an important SEO factor so it will increase your search ranking.


You may not have the resource skill or availability to commit to an ongoing content release schedule. We’re happy to help you plan and resource keeping your website fresh – you can contact us here.


Let us know if you find this helpful! If you have any other techniques that have helped you make time for your website we’d love to hear about them.