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Digital Advertising Campaigns – Where to start?

By November 23, 2016 No Comments

So you’ve got a swanky new website, that’s great. What a lot of people sometimes forget in all the hype of developing something new and releasing it is the importance of the marketing required post-launch to let people know you’re out there. The internet is a big place! What your brand offers, as compelling as it might be, is no good if people can’t find it.

People often ask us:

“What is the best way to advertise my website online?”

I wish there was an easy answer, but the fact is every website is different. What works for us might not work as well for you. The approach we recommend  is to allocate a dedicated ‘initial’ marketing budget to test out a few different platforms, then measure the results. It’s a worthwhile exercise! The insights you get from running a campaign via search or social media can inform your long-term marketing strategy. You can’t argue with real data.


Set Some Goals
The data you’ll get from running an advertising campaign can include who has viewed it, who has clicked on it, who has called you & what device they were using. Decide which user interactions are most important to you. Do you care about views to create better brand awareness, is it more important for a user to click on your advert and be directed to your website or do you want users to call you directly?


Decide Which Platforms to Trial

Digital advertising income is a core revenue stream for search engines, high traffic websites, social media networks and streaming services. Here are some of the most common platforms you may want to consider advertising on:

  • Google Adwords – Provides advertising at the top of relevant search results on Google.
  • Google Adsense – Provides banner advertising on websites which use Google Adsense.
  • Facebook – Appear as ‘sponsored’ posts in a users news feed.
  • Twitter – Appear as ‘sponsored’ tweets or trends in a users news feed.
  • Instagram – Appear as ‘sponsored’ instagram posts.
  • YouTube – Show your video advertisement before a YouTube video starts playing.


Allocate Budget

Decide how much you want to spend. Don’t go too hard too fast. Remember, the point here initially is to obtain data to measure effectiveness amongst the different platforms so you can see what works and what doesn’t. Divide the budget equally amongst your chosen advertising platforms so you have an equal playing field to measure your results.

Also, hunt around for some offers. There are loads of coupon codes available to get more out of your advertising, especially to attract new customers undertaking their first campaign.


Measure Effectiveness

Each advertising platform should provide you some data on things like, how many views the advertisement got, how many interactions and what those interactions were. Compare these against your goals.