Chrome Update Flags HTTP Websites Not Secure

By February 3, 2017 No Comments

The importance of encrypting sensitive information your website collects has been bumped up another notch. The latest update of Google Chrome released this month now flags HTTP websites ‘Not Secure’.

Google now flags websites as ‘Not secure’ with the latest update to Chrome.


This is in addition to Google recently improving the visibility of secure websites as ‘Secure’ in the URL bar and giving SEO ranking preference to secure websites with an SSL certificate.

How the URL now displays in Chrome for a Secure HTTPS website.


Chrome’s long term plan is to discourage users away from insecure HTTP websites with no SSL certificate. This is likely to include a red warning message in the URL bar which is currently only used for websites with SSL errors.

It’s kind of a big deal. Chrome is the most widely used internet browser by a long shot and other browsers are likely to follow Google’s lead.

Worldwide browser usage 2008-2016


If you don’t have an SSL certificate for your website, it’s time to consider getting one. Contact us if you need help procuring and installing an SSL certificate to ensure potential visitors aren’t warned away from your website.