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How fast should a website load in 2017?

By June 27, 2017 No Comments

The loading page spinner doesn’t want to be seen by anyone in 2017. We live in an age where internet connectivity is being labelled as a basic human right. With technology at our fingertips, we are all beginning to expect fast internet wherever we go, and websites need to keep up.

It doesn’t matter how flash your website looks, if it doesn’t load within a few seconds you will lose a large fraction of your potential audience. You’ll also get punished by Google. In 2010 they changed their algorithm to rank slow websites lower in Google search results. Their reason for doing this is finding out that users spend less time on slower websites. For most, lower search rankings results in fewer leads and less sales $$$.

It’s easy to find out how your website stacks up. There are a bunch of tools online to help you analyse your website and find out exactly where it’s underperforming.


Pingdom Tools

Google PageSpeed Insights


All of these tools will give you a report with recommendations to address specific issues.

It may be your images aren’t optimised, you might be on a bad host or you may need to minimise your CSS and Javascript. If this is sounding too techy, contact us to take a look. We’ve helped website owners get large performance gains at minimal cost, even if we didn’t build the website ourselves, we’re happy to help out.