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Facebook’s algorithm change & what it means for your page.

By February 4, 2018 No Comments

Facebook has announced it will be making major changes to its news feed algorithm. Changes like this can sound daunting for businesses that rely on social media to promote themselves. It’s important to realise that changes like this are inevitable, as social media networks and search providers aim to continually tweak their algorithms to deliver content users are most interested in. We’re taking a quick look at what Facebook is changing and ways you can adapt your page so your business comes out on top.

What’s Changing?

Last month, Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook would be shifting the focus of its news feed towards “personal stories and exchanges between users.” This has come as a result of user feedback. As public content has exploded on Facebook over the past few years, this has crowded out personal moments and posts from friends and family. These changes are being made to deliver users more personal content which will allow them to have more meaningful interactions with people they care about the most.

What does this mean for your page?

On the surface the news isn’t good. Facebook will be showing less posts from business, brands and media.

It sounds bad, but before you ditch Facebook as a way of promoting your business let’s look at how we can adapt to these changes and come out ahead of the competition.

How to adapt to the changes

Engage your followers

Your content is more likely to be shown under the new algorithm if you have a high engagement rate. Post content that encourages people to share, like and comment. Ask questions and encourage discussion to increase your engagement rate.

Create high quality content

Your content is more likely to be shared if it’s of high quality. Content that tells a story, as well as advertising a particular product or service is more likely to foster genuine interaction and get seen.¬†Videos generally receive more engagement (including livestreams) which will continue to make them favoured under the new changes.

Make it accessible

If you’re posting video or images, try and keep dimensions square to make use of the maximum available real-estate on mobile. If you’re posting video, 85% is viewed with sound off so remember to add captions.

Keep it relevant

Make sure your content is relevant to your following. This will increase the chance your followers will engage with it.


Look at the data against every post to learn what type of content engages your followers the most. The information Facebook provides against each post allows you to quickly figure out what works, and what doesn’t.

Encourage your followers to preference your page

Remind your followers if they like your content they can prioritise it in their news feed, by clicking “follow” at the top of your page, and “see first in your news feed.”

Don’t be afraid of change

In summary, if you’re publishing useful, quality content on Facebook you shouldn’t have too much to worry about under these new changes. All of these tips are useful for making the most from your other social media platforms too! If you need help getting the most out of your social media pages, contact us here!