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What to consider when building a website

By July 27, 2018 No Comments

Building a website has never been easier. There are a plethora of DIY  solutions which can get you up and running in a very short amount of time. Building a website should be easy, but the temptation of getting something up quickly & cheaply can often mean a website falls short of what you’re trying to achieve.

Building a high performing website which helps achieve your business goals requires a little more strategy and work. Nobody knows your business better than yourself, so if you’re working with a digital agency, this means sitting down and working through the project in close collaboration. Here are a few things that often get missed:


So i’ve got a logo, that’s my branding done, right?

Not really. Branding goes much further than your logo. Good branding will reflect the identity and personality of your business, differentiating it from your competitors. It will help you tell your story. When you’re building a website, there is a lot of other elements to look at which will help define your brand. They include:

  • Typography
  • Colours (Primary, Secondary, Highlights)
  • Icons
  • Other graphical elements
  • The tone of your content
  • A well thought out logo which reflects your business personality, not a quick job by somebody who doesn’t understand it on Fiverr 😉


Understand what your users want by developing profiles for different types of people that visit your website. Information to help inform your user profiles can be gathered through different customer engagement techniques and website analytics.

Once you understand your users, making your website user friendly means presenting your website in a way in which your users can achieve what they want quickly. Things to consider when planning a user friendly website:

  • Layout of different content and elements, making the most helpful or used features are most easily visible.
  • Keeping it simple and avoiding clutter
  • Considering people with visual/hearing impairments and disabilities


Why would hackers target my small website ?

It is something we hear a lot. Hackers will target any website for many reasons. These could include:

  • Stealing your resources for activities like mining cryptocurrency
  • Inserting malicious code to direct traffic elsewhere or advertise
  • To hold you to ransom
  • To take information

Selecting highly secure infrastructure and implementing a range of preventative measures will dramatically reduce the risk of getting hacked. Also, having a disaster recovery plan which outlines what to do to restore the website in the event of a hacking or major outage will help get you back online quickly should the worst happen.


Generally, your website visitors expect a page to load within a few seconds. Passing the 3 second mark you may find some users are getting impatient and going elsewhere. There is a lot to consider in making a website load quickly.

  • Clean, lean code with minified CSS and JS scripts.
  • Caching and serving over a global Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Server quality

You can test your website response time here:


With billions of websites in existence building an effective website is one thing, making it stand out from the crowd is another. With most people going to Google to find what they’re looking for, Search Engine Optimisation is the most effective way to ensure your website gets seen by the right people.

  • Research keywords
  • Optimise your content towards those keywords
  • Create title and meta descriptions for every page targeted towards your keywords
  • If you’re in a competitive segment, get your website on top by running some paid Adwords campaigns.